Harris Security

Doumouchel Meat & Deli

Doumouchel Meat & Deli


Harris Security is an Ontario-based security agency and a provider of in-class and online security license training courses. 

Doumouchel Meat & Deli

Doumouchel Meat & Deli

Doumouchel Meat & Deli


Without Dumouchel Meats, we would not have our Holiday meat each year. 

Many thanks to thier ongoing donations to feed many. 

Loblaws Vanier

Loblaws Vanier

Loblaws Vanier



Loblaws Vanier

Loblaws Vanier


Sobriety House

Zoureen's Cafe / Spin's Laundromart

Zoureen's Cafe / Spin's Laundromart


 A partner necessary to helping those battling addictions in our community. 

Zoureen's Cafe / Spin's Laundromart

Zoureen's Cafe / Spin's Laundromart

Zoureen's Cafe / Spin's Laundromart


Money Advisors Inc.


 Cathie Orfali

Cathie Orfali


Cathie is a graduate of the University of Ottawa, Telfer School of Management and Algonquin College, overseeing the full-service financial planning company Money Advisors Inc. She strongly believes in serving her clients by empowering you with the financial planning tools to build and manage wealth and create your lasting legacy.

Cathie has worked as a financial advisor since 1997 and for the past 10 years as President of Money Advisors. Cathie enjoys her work as managing member of the Orfali Group LLC, a real estate investment company in the United States.

A few of Cathie’s hobbies include travel, taking courses and jogging. She is very passionate about fundraising and loves to volunteer with the homeless and poor in Ottawa, Egypt and Guatemala. Cathie is blessed to be married to Paul, her husband of 23 years and they have three grown children, Laura, Caroline and Justin.

Cathie is a Founding Member of the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation of Canada. She is also a Certified Global Priority Solutions Specialist — an organization that is a world leaderimplementing the message of value-based leadership and developing value-driver leaders.

“Having a successful business is not my free ticket to significance. It will only give me the means to hopefully create significance in my life and the lives of others.”

– Cathie Orfali

More Sponsors and Community Partners

Thank you Bel-Air Toyota, for your 2019 donation.

Thank you Bel-Air Toyota, for your 2019 donation.


St. Laurent Swiss Chalet donates meal vouchers to Onyx to help those who need a meal monthly. Many thanks to the team!

Other Community Partners


Soldiers Helping Soldiers


Soldiers Helping Soldiers (SHS) is a volunteer activity, developed through the initiative of serving personnel, which seeks to connect homeless veterans and/or veterans or serving members not yet, but on a trajectory to be, homeless with the services and benefits to which they are entitled. 

SHS is founded on two distinct but linked ideals: 

volunteers who identify/seek out those in need, and link them to services provided by a comprehensive local network of support agencies. 

SHS does not fund-raise, nor is it an advocacy group, nor a media opportunity. Serving members devote only time, no money is raised. 

  • build a network with local support service providers/representatives (eg; VAC, RCL, MFRC, municipal services, regimental/branch associations, messes, benevolent funds, ..) such that all volunteers are able to provide cogent information on each source of support to those who seek it .


Vanier Pharmacy


Vanier Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy located on Montreal Road in the heart of Vanier.

We have undergone extensive renovations in the past few years and we are striving to become a regional leader in patient care. Our approach is to offer efficient professional service and to act as an advocate and problem solver for all those in need in the community.

  •  Medication Reviews Availible
  •  Compliance / Blister Packaging 
  •  Seniors Discount on OTC   Purchases  
  •  Quality Products For Less 
  •  All Major Drug Plans Accepted 
  •  Free Rx Delivery Service 

Steve, owner at Vanier Pharmacy often drops by to ONYX and runs groups and question periods on diabetes, medication, and other topics important within our community.

 Meet the Business Owner

Steve grew up on Lake Erie, lived in Australia, then became a pharmacist.  Moved to Ottawa to learn the pharmacy trade from an aunt and uncle and decided to stay.  Enjoys helping people, spending time with his family and imagining he is Roger Federer.


Andrew Smith Insurance Inc.

Financial Advisor/Owner

534 Montreal Rd Ottawa Ont. K1K 0T9

Office: 613-744-7190 │ Fax: 613-746-7002 │ Cell: 613-219-6714

Every year, Andrew Smith does't just donate financially, but gives his time back to the community by being on the front lines in all kinds of insurance needs to so many.

Andrew is a great father, and if you needed advice or a helping hand, he would steer you in the right direction.


St. Margaret's Anglican Church


A wonderfully diverse community worships in English on Sunday at 9:30am in our historic little church on Montreal Road in Vanier (see map).  After that, from about 10:30 to 11:30, we gather for fellowship and ample refreshments in our Parish Hall right beside the church; followed by worship in Inuktitut on Sunday at 11:30am.

Once a village church outside the city, St. Margaret’s is now on the edge of Ottawa’s central core, surrounded by a multi-ethnic and economically mixed neighbourhood. It is home to an Inuktitut-speaking congregation with roots in the Arctic (Nunavut, the Western Arctic, Quebec, and Labrador). Since 2014, it is also home to the congregation of All Saints Sandy Hill who joined the faithful folks who had maintained an Anglican presence at St. Margaret’s since its founding in 1886 in what was then known as Janeville. Together we are working to build a community that brings together one of our First Peoples with Anglicans from a variety of backgrounds.  

Children are welcome and valued members of our community, which ranges in age from infants to 98! Music is an important part of our worship; enthusiastic congregational singing is supported by gifted musicians and a small choir.

We are a congregation that wants to grow and make a difference in the community around us. Join us!


TraTek GPS Offender Monitoring Services

Helping those facing the criminal justice system get a fighting chance and the assistance they need to stay out and grow.

Branch 462 Royal Canadian Legion / Vanier Legion

Branch 462 Royal Canadian Legion / Vanier Legion

Honoring Veterans and working to build up our community.

More donors and Sponsors