Captain Mark Eldridge ( RCN, retired )




Captain Mark Eldridge (RCN, retired) is the founding director of ONYX.  Seeing an opportunity to return the value of 37 years of experience as a naval officer back into his community, he undertook to establish a small cadre of expert counsellors and advisors under the rubric of ONYX Community Services, to offer support in a community with unique requirements.

 ONYX Community Services was established on December 8th 2016, under the provisions of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, with a mission of helping people to regain control of their lives and return to fully-contributing membership in the community. 

In a time when it seems that governments are increasingly downloading the fundamental responsibility for doing good  deeds in the community to the charitable sector, ONYX remains committed to our principal service lines: 

Reintegration Support services to clients in conflict with the law, which assist them in their return to the community. Our team of specialists will guide clients through individualized programs to ensure successful recovery and reform.

Counselling and Psychotherapy by certified counsellors in one-on-one counselling, to assist clients with a wide variety of mental health challenges.

Addictions Counselling by qualified staff and counsellors, working within a customized treatment program for each client.

Ankle Bracelet Monitoring systems, powered by S.T.O.P, LLP,, offer 24/7 GPS monitoring and access to a wide variety of included services which facilitate bail and reintegration.

Having turned over the watch to an outstanding new Board in 2018, Mark is pleased to follow the development of ONYX: present where the need is great, open to all those in difficulty, and networked with other agencies to ensure that there are services to support the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our community.