Fully staffed by caring and dedicated volunteers

Rev. Suzanne Landry

Executive Director

Pastor Sue has dedicated her life to helping those in need and the betterment of the community. Having previously spent 14 years preventing individuals from bankruptcy and rebuilding lives through Credit Counselling, Sue’s passion for helping those in need is now being redirected as a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist.

Currently, Pastor Sue works directly with our bail program and attends family courts when possible. Her visible compassion for others affords her the ability to listen to the problems faced by her clients and provide tangible solutions. Her honesty and integrity is admirable and when paired with her impeccable leadership abilities, allow her to be a tenacious asset to our team. By actively seeking out individuals in need within the community, she takes a hands-on approach and has become recognized as a trusted ally to fight for all underdogs alike. Accordingly, Pastor Sue’s door is always open and free of judgement. She encourages anyone in need of support to contact her, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Our Team

Mark Eldridge


Mark Eldridge served 37 years as a naval officer, a decade on the National Board of Taekwondo Canada (culminating in service as the Executive VP), four years as President of the HMCS BYTOWN Naval Officers’ Mess (bringing it from a serious deficit position into profitability) and three years as principal spokesman for Soldiers Helping Soldiers.

Yodanis Elias

 Mental Health Counsellor (CCPA) 

 I am originally from Cuba. I live in Canada since 2005. I genuinely enjoy working as a mental health counsellor. I hold a Master in Counselling and Psychotherapy from both Ottawa University and Saint Paul University. I am very committed to providing culturally sensitive care. I completed my Master thesis in the area of Integrating Canadian Aboriginal Spirituality and Hea

André Thivierge

Board Advisor

Throughout his 30 years with the Canadian Forces and his second career, André has gained a significant amount of expertise in the fields of counselling, coaching and mentoring.

Actively involved as a mentor with the Department of National Defence (DND) Mentoring Programme, André contributed to the development of a number of public servants at the junior and middle management levels. 

As the Clinical coordinator, in addition to providing counselling services, André has been developing procedures to enhance the efficiency of the clinical department, orientation to the new counsellors.​

Jason Harrod

 Addiction and Community Service Worker

OCS Is pleased to have, Jason Harrod on our team, Addiction and Community Service Worker.


Jason is educated in the field of Addictions and Community Services. Over the past few years, he has benefited greatly from the services available at Onyx. He has gotten support when facing obstacles of divorce, and battles of custodyJason now volunteers in an effort to give back to the community by providing the same help and encouragement that he once received. Jason is dedicated to providing support to the LBGTQ+ community. As a transgender person himself, Jason uses his own experience to help others when facing everyday challenges in the community." 

Naida Hennessey

Reintegration Intake Worker

I'm an undergraduate student completing my Honors B.A. with specialization in Psychology at the University of Ottawa. My goals are are to continue my studies in a Forensic Psychology program and to obtain advanced knowledge and skills within the intersection of legal theory, procedures and law with clinical issues, practice and ethics, and mental health. I'm passionate about working one on one with individuals who come into conflict with the law and who need support taking the necessary steps to a better reintegration process. I believe that recovery and treatment should be centered around the goals of each individual and I am happy to support Onyx clients with the ability to sustain their own personal growth. I'll be working along side many of the professionals here at Onyx to learn, and to apply my knowledge towards the needs of our community members. I have volunteer experience working in shelters and bail homes here in Ottawa where I've gained some experience collaborating with clients who are working on changing their substance use habits and building better life skills. I hope to be a source of help at Onyx as well.

Samantha Williams-Hamaoui

Caseworker (BSW, RSW)

Samantha Williams-Hamaoui recently graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours Specialization in Social Work. During the completion of her studies, she had placements as a student social worker at the Montfort Hospital mental health inpatient program, and as a counselor at the Centre de placement spécialisé du Portage.  

Moira Taylor

Chaplain / Reintegration Worker 

Rev. Moira Taylor is an advocate and assists her clients in community reintegration, with the support of Leeds & Grenville Addictions and Mental Health, the Brockville Police and The Ontario Disability Support Program. 

She is a board-certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) that has its findings in Integrated Psychology.

Rev. Taylor is the founder of People Investing in People Ministries. An organization to help the less fortunate. She is dedicated to helping others through their struggles and help in building relationships through her community.

Dedicated to the Christian teaching she encourages others to live up to their full potential.

As a volunteer Moira is presently involved with Prison Fellowship Canada, and the Brockville Integration network. She has served as president on the Maitland Education Recreation Corporation for several years. She created the Maitland Community Policing Program and the local swim program for hundreds of students.  

Bridget Fitzgerald

Criminal Justice/ Mental Health Worker

Bridget recently completed a Graduate Certificate program in Concurrent Disorders through Mohawk College. Prior to this, she studied Psychology and Genetics at the University of Guelph where she earned a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences.

Her graduate studies involved the completion of a practicum at an emergency youth shelter where she supported a mental health team, working with local residents facing a variety of obstacles and challenges. This learning experience ensured her desire to pursue a career in the social services field.

She is joining Onyx Community Services in order to gain more practical experience working with those living with mental health and addiction. This will also provide her the opportunity to develop greater understanding of the legal system and challenges experienced by those involved. 

Cody Lang Watson

Life Coach 

Legal Research

Ndusha Ruhune

Bible Study and Spiritual Outreach

Belinda Tindyebwa

Legal Research Department 

Landlord & Tenant 

Small Claims Court 

 Belinda graduated from Carleton University with a BA High Honors in Law with a concentration in Business Law and recently completed her Master’s Degree in Sustainable Energy Development. She has worked for regulatory agencies and financial institutions. 

During her studies, she participated in several leadership roles at the Ottawa homeless shelter, advocating for abolishing human trafficking and other community centered projects. She believes the environment is more than your surroundings, these surrounding are tied to life, well-being and overall health. She is eager to create positive environmental change for those in the vulnerable sector especially women, those living with mental health challenges and individuals in conflict with the law. She will providing her skills in the areas of Civil law, Criminal law and Business law.

Belinda Tindyebwa Msc. Sustainable Energy Development BA High Honours Business Law 

Jawad Quazi

Public Relations / Community Outreach

 أتكلم العربية بطلاقة وهي اللغة الام 

Jackie Zeng

Mental Health Support Worker

Mental health worker and traditional therapist 

Jin Qi (Jackie) Zeng has been a practitioner of traditional medicine for over 15 years since she moved to Canada in 2011. She has training in integrative mental health with special interest by using holistic approach to help those with mental health conditions. 

Jin Qi Zeng was born and raised in a family of traditional Chinese medicine. Before she moved to Canada, she had focused all her career in medical field. She holds M.D. as neurologist and Ph.D. degree in clinic medicine of combined traditional and western medicine as well as clinic post- doctoral neurologist certificate. She has more than a decade of experience in large hospitals practicing her specialty as neurologist and physician in China. 

Jin Qi is passionate about the wellness of community and has been actively volunteered for community, non-profit and charity organizations.

Maureen Njoga

Addictions and Community Support Services Worker

Maureen, originally from Nigeria came to Canada in 2011. She holds a Bachelor degree in English and Literary Studies, a Master degree in International Relations, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. She taught English Language and Literature in English in High school for several years before joining the Federal Ministry of Education as an Assistant Director.

On arrival to Canada, she discovered her love for the helping profession thus she worked as a Personal Support Worker, as well as a volunteer, helping the vulnerable. She has extended her helping profession to those living with addictions, and has therefore, obtained a Diploma in Addictions and Community Support Services from Willis College, Ottawa.

Serena Eccleston

Youth and Women Outreach / Durham Region 

My name is Serena Eccleston and I am the new director for the Youth and Women Outreach Service. I am grateful to be working with Onyx Community Services in the Durham, Stouffville and Markham regions. My office is situated in the city of Markham. I believe everyone deserves a second chance; we are not perfect and we do make mistakes, which is a life learning experience. We should not be judgmental of others despite their circumstances. I’m the author of the new book called “The Broken Me.” I wrote this book to inspire others so they can be motivated and be encouraged. I’m also an Early Childhood Educator who is presently working on my bachelor degree to become a teacher. I’m committed in helping others, who are facing charges before the courts, get reintegrated into the community. I am also committed to helping abused women or abused children who need assistance with court documents being presented to the court. I’m looking forward to working with you. 

Allie Thompson

 Women’s Outreach Coordinator

Allie is a lawyer with experience helping clients navigate the
criminal justice system and access community services geared toward
reintegration and rehabilitation. She has worked closely with
individuals dealing with addiction, poverty, and abuse, and is
particularly passionate about issues affecting women and youth. Allie
has worked internationally at a rehabilitation center for abused
children, as well as a women’s rights organization in Kenya. She has
also worked and studied in countries including Singapore, Thailand,
Myanmar, and Australia. In her hometown of Hamilton, ON she interned
with a community outreach organization dedicated to strengthening the
resiliency of inner city youth. She is new to Ottawa and looking
forward to building relationships and helping community members
develop and achieve their goals. 

Wahab Daghmach

Clinical Coordinator

Addictions and Mental Health Support

Wahab sees the job as a great opportunity to help his community in this beautiful city.

Most people has some sort of addiction or addictive tendencies

He worked with sufferers from various kinds of addictive behaviors for more than 15 years, and he believes in a counseling and psychological approach for the clients as a most important choice to help them control their symptoms.

His educational background includes a bachelor of doctor in medicine from Odessa National University in Ukraine and a MA in psychiatry from Damascus University, and continuous education in the field of psychiatry, substance use disorders.

He speaks English, Arabic and Russian

أتكلم العربية بطلاقة وهي اللغة الام

Mario Kezic

Information Technology /Intern

Mario comes to us from an IT background at Algonquin college. 

He maintains all our communication systems, social media and internet and net security systems.

Mario is working towards finishing his internship with Onyx Community Services and then to move to the government sector in IT.

Elsa Michel

Life Coach

 Elsa had a career in teaching for many years, and recently graduated from law school at the University of Ottawa. Her goal is to work as a lawyer in the public sector and get more involved in helping people in her community. She has a range of experience and skills which she hopes to put to good use as a life coach. Elsa offers one-on-one personalized sessions, whether it’s helping clients access the services that best suit their needs, or finding ways to improve their work and life skills to get them to where they need to be. In addition, Elsa is available to help clients who have concerns about the progress of their education or need help with organization or study habits. Elsa offre aussi ses services en français.

Laura Lachance

Community Reintegration Worker

 “Laura has always believed that we are here for each other and what better way to exemplify that than to join the Onyx team! After obtaining a specialized degree in Criminology, Laura did a placement with the parole office and then worked with a halfway house. She hopes to be able to provide support to those going through the system.” 

Tom Deafy

12 Step Group program

 and A.A. Coordinator

With 34 years of continuous sobriety, Tom runs groups for those who have a desire to quit drinking or using. He will also help that individual who needs support to get to a meeting and not feel alone.

Tom is als director of and founder of  " Music In Healing ", and leads a rock band at 65 years old, Rock and Roll Eagles.


Thursday Night Drop In Supervisor

Iman Nasrallah

  Senior Administrative Coordinator 

Iman is pursuing her last year of undergraduate studies at the university of Ottawa working towards her Honours Bachelor of Social Science with Major in Public Administration and Major in Psychology. With ample prior experience in the field, she directs our department of administration and hopes to gain further experience advocating for individuals in conflict with the legal system who struggle with mental health and addiction issues. Iman is passionate about the wellness of the community and has actively volunteered in various community and charity organizations and hopes to develop a greater understanding of the legal system and the challenges experienced by those involved. 

 أتكلم العربية بطلاقة وهي اللغة الام 

Maja Dziok

 Maja Dziok is a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia with a BSc in Biology and a passion for mental health reform. Throughout her years in university she was a strong advocate for students suffering with mental illness and bringing information about mental health to the community. She worked with the Mental Health Awareness Club, first as an Events Coordinator for a year, and then as Co-President for 2 years. Though a science graduate, Maja plans to make her career in the public service sector; working for those whose voices aren’t heard and making the changes necessary to benefit all. 

Rachael Kelly

Social Media Coordinator

I am in my last year of undergraduate studies at the University of Ottawa. Completing a degree of Honours B.A with a specialization in Communications. Social media has always been a passion and interest of mine. As a social media coordinator, I hope to be able to spread the messages of the work done at Onyx Community Services, as well as spread awareness of the services provided at Onyx. I am excited to be a part of a wonderful group of people working towards making a better life for those in our community.